What is more fun and creative than letting the children create their own art exhibition at home!
Give your precious little ones a big happy surprise!

They will have endless joy creating their walrus family at home! 
Have fun doing art and learning at the same time!
Perfect gift box filled with love and fun
Love our children, love our world... let the little ones learn about global warming

Boost creativity
Kids can be creative. Use set of templates and instructions as guideline and inspiration for further design and creation. 
Have Fun doing art
Doing artwork by following instruction and using the templates. Can enjoy doing it alone, with parents or friends. Good exercise for cutting, painting and colouring.
Gain Knowledge
Introduce children to some interesting facts about the Arctic and the animals that live there with nice illustration. 
This Little Artist Kit Contains:
・Book 1 (71 pages) : Artwork with instructions and templates
・Book 2 (49 pages) : Global Warming - The Arctic
・2 Brushes
・Double Sided Tape
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