How To boost your child's Creativity and 
Confidence as busy parents
Want to bond with your child more yet, 
don't have time searching for fun art projects
Let your child start this artistic creative journey with endless fun art lessons delivered to your home.
(suitable for children 5 to 12 yrs old)
Open new doors for your child and start drawing and creating straight away!
What some parents are saying about us
Pheobe's letter
Hi I'm Pheobe. I would like to share with you my wonderful 8 years long learning experience at Moving Art drawing skills have self confidence has grown and my creativity has been broaden...I deeply believe that all the things and skills I have learnt here will benefit me for life. I really thank all the teachers in Moving Art Room-AppleTree a lot form my heart for their effort and great teaching!

(A picture of Pheobe when she 
was 5yr old)
Tavia and Momo's mommy
I have 2 girls learning art in Moving Art Room-AppleTree for over 3 years, experiencing a fantastic world of art. Mobing Art Room- AppleTree allows our children to freely develop their own creativity and ideas in drawing, painting and modelling...Children are encouraged to develop confidence in the handling of various art materials and skills with lots of fun. 
My girls really enjoy Moving Art Room- AppleTree
What Are You Waiting For?
Open new doors for your child, let your child start the artistic creativie journey now. 

Success starts with building up good little habits. Start this artistic creative habit now!
Hi my name is Miss Anna, I'm the founder of Moving Art Room. Our mission is to bring creativity to you. 

Success starts with building up good little habits. Start this artistic creative habit now!
Time is the problem! No time to search for good art projects for your kids...or don't know how to

Then you will need this course :)
  •  Creativity : We teach children how to brainstorm and design.
  •  Drawing and painting : Teach art skills step by step that are easy to follow. you don't have to have any art experience to start
  •  Confidence : Once your child know the method, then it will become second nature to them. Can apply the skill to many area in life.
  •  You want to bond with your child more, enjoy our art projects together, create and design together.
  •  Or sometimes you do need some free 'me time' while you let your child explore the art fun.
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